ISK’s campus is situated between two beautifully forested hilltop forest reserves, in a suburb just south of the city center. Surrounded by fresh air and greenery, students have access to spacious purpose-built facilities.

The suburb, known as Lusina, is very close to Krakow’s newest ex-pat oriented housing area, Parkowe Wzgórze, and is a short drive from many established ex-pat communities and multinational company sites.

The location gives students access to many extension activities such as ski slopes, mineral springs, hiking/snowshoeing trails, and a local eco-village.

The campus can be easily accessed by motorway from the eastern or western sides of the city, as well as from a major artery of city roads. From the city center, the trip takes 15 to 20 minutes.

Students travel to ISK in a variety of ways: single family arrangements, carpools, minibuses, taxis. Parents are encouraged to make arrangements according to the age and needs of their child(ren) with consideration for after-school extracurricular activities and sports.


The safety and security of learners and staff at the International School of Krakow is a top priority. Security guards are on duty and CCTV cameras monitor activities within the school campus at all times.

ISK is a closed campus. Absolutely no unauthorised personnel will be granted access under any circumstances, and all visitors entering the grounds must produce their identification and receive a Visitor Pass from the Guard Office.


The indoor sports facility, dubbed “the Bubble,” was opened in October 2011. An insulated tent covers an area the size of a basketball court. The easily-adaptable space can be split in half by a foldable wall so two classes can run simultaneously. The polyurethane floor provides excellent traction and protects from injuries.


The artificial-turf soccer field, officially opened in Fall 2013.


Separate from the main school building, the Don Abbott House hosts the Early Years and Grade 0 classrooms. There are specialist teachers, aid materials and equipment designed to specifically meet the needs of our youngest students. This facility was made possible by the generous donation of a great friend of our school, Don Abbott. In the of summer 2011, the Abbott house was significantly renovated to accommodate three spacious classrooms.


Our extensive international library collection is the largest English-language school library in southern Poland with close to 20,000 volumes, as well as CD and periodical collections. The Library is continually growing and improving.

The Sanchez Library also contains research centers and cozy reading areas. The library is able to satisfy the needs of a wide range of reading levels and interests, and even has a parent section.

There is a designated school Librarian who hosts weekly library visits and helps students select books for independent as well as classroom-designated reading and investigation.

The library also houses 21 desktop computers and a dedicated ‘IT’ room, making it a true Media Center.


The ISK campus also includes:

  • Locker facilities
  • Spacious Multi-purpose room for lunches, assemblies, etc.
  • Fine Arts room
  • Faculty prep and work rooms
  • Science laboratories
  • Designated language classrooms
  • Student center
  • Secondary School common areas
  • Medical office
  • Age-appropriate restroom facilities
  • State-of-the-art PA system for announcements and performances
  • Sporting fields