The International School of Krakow is dedicated to excellence in the intellectual and personal development of tomorrow’s world citizens.


We aim to provide children with an academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating environment, and to promote the development of creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
At ISK we aim to ensure our students develop core academic skills and the ability to apply these skills in daily life. Through inquiry-based learning, our students are encouraged to find creative solutions to problems– a skill that will enable them to become responsible citizens who make positive contributions to the ever-changing world of their future.
Instruction is geared to the individual needs of the student.
We set the highest standards for each of our students at his or her stage of development, and foster achievement through a rich variety of teaching styles and methods matched to his or her needs.
We also aim to identify the special talents of each of our students and to provide challenging educational programs to encourage the widest development of these talents.
To enhance this, we encourage continuous dialogue among students, teachers, administration and parents.
We seek to nurture a learning environment based on trust, respect, integrity, responsibility and concern for others.
We promote a free atmosphere that allows our students to develop their social skills through cooperation in the classroom, group projects, and the development of friendly relationships with teachers and fellow students.
We encourage our students to formulate, examine, and publicly express their own individual opinions, and we promote openness to and tolerance of the ideas and opinions of others.
Our international curriculum at once celebrates the rich and diverse backgrounds of our students and focuses on concepts common to us all.
We aim to cultivate in all our students an understanding and appreciation of the beliefs, customs and practices of all peoples, to assist them in their future participation as active and responsible global citizens.
We aim to nurture personal growth by encouraging our students to apply their values and their critical thinking skills to interpret the world around them.