Helping children learn–academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically–is the real purpose of schools. What your children learn should respect the past but must also prepare them for the world in which they are going to live. That’s why ISK focuses on academic and personal development, and the development of a global awareness.

Learning should be active and engaging, and, above all, meaningful to children. That’s why we’ve built tried-and-tested, brain-friendly learning into every unit of work.


The purpose of teaching is to help children learn. But teachers need help and support, too. Teaching should be as enjoyable and rewarding for teachers as learning is enjoyable and rewarding for children.

That’s why ISK is dedicated to fostering collaboration between teachers in order to allow them time to reflect upon their teaching to improve student learning. Professional development opportunities also help ISK teachers stay in tune with current best practices.

Elementary School Core Subjects

In Elementary School (grades 0 to 5), great emphasis is placed on the core subjects of Language Arts and Mathematics, which are scheduled every day.

In Language Arts, classes are taught via a combination of whole-class teaching and groups for spelling, reading fluency and comprehension, creative writing, and grammar, according to the level of the individual student.

Mathematics is also taught using a combination of whole-class and small group instruction according to the level of the individual student, with an emphasis on problem solving and mental math.

Specialist Subjects

Science and Social Studies are largely topic-based. There is an emphasis on practical observation, and field trips, when possible and appropriate, are an essential element of the program.

Music, Art, Foreign Languages, EAL (English as an Additional Language) and Physical Education (PE) are taught by subject specialist teachers.

Information Technology (IT) is incorporated by the homeroom teachers into core subject lessons.


Elementary classes have recess each day before lunch and in the afternoon before the final 2 periods of the day. The school has ample space for students to play, including an all weather sports field, playground with equipment, and open, green areas in which to run and play.


Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook
Elementary School Program of Studies