ISK’s secondary school encompasses both the middle school (grades 6-8) and the high school (grades 9-12). As tomorrow’s world citizens grow through adolescence toward adulthood, they learn more independently, and are encouraged to model responsibility, respect and excellence for the younger members of the community.


All secondary school teachers are both middle and high school teachers. This ensures that the knowledge and skills that students will need to meet both ISK and IB diploma requirements are reinforced progressively throughout the school. When curriculum is revised for the IB diploma programme subjects to reflect best teaching practices, our staff receives training and collaborates to restructure the curriculum in the rest of the secondary school to ensure consistency for the benefit of all students.

Middle School (Ages 11-14 years)

The International School of Krakow’s middle school includes grades 6 – 8. Each class has a homeroom teacher for morning and afternoon registration and general guidance, but classes are taught by subject specialist teachers.

The transition years between elementary school and high school are challenging ones, and ISK recognizes the need to guide students through this transition by providing them opportunities to express their unique creative and individual thoughts, find a balance between independence and interdependence, and provide a learning environment that meets the large variety of emotional and physical needs of middle school students. Students in grades 6-8 move around a lot more during the school day, visiting many different teachers, and enjoying the opportunity to practice many different types of learning. They also aim to develop greater personal responsibility for their work, while still benefiting from the exchange of ideas and emotional growth that come from constructive, supportive small-group interactions.

Middle school is also an opportunity for students to learn more about the world, and to stretch their talents. Throughout the year, academic, athletic, dramatic and cultural events are hosted by different CEESA schools, giving ISK students exposure to different cultures and allowing them to achieve the best they can. ISK supports and encourages the participation of middle school students in these events.

High School (Ages 14 – 18 years)

Starting in grade 9, students earn credits for the courses they take, and over the four years of high school will accumulate a minimum of 25 credits in order to graduate with an ISK diploma. Students continue to be guided by a homeroom teacher, and although academic demands are greater, students are encouraged to continue to participate in activities which develop their potential and build a portfolio to facilitate admission to university. The service learning and CAS programs play a significant role in this process.

ISK is an IB World School (read about the IB Programme), and is also an official College Board testing center. High school students take PSAT, SAT I and SAT II exams, which assist in their university preparation. For more information about the PSAT AND SAT visit www.collegeboard.com.

Secondary School Student/Parent Handbook
Secondary School Program of Studies