ISK offers three sessions of After School Activities: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Many clubs are led by teachers and staff at ISK, but some are led by coaches/instructors from outside the school community.

For more information, please contact the ASA Coordinator, Ms. Klaudia, at

The 2018 Fall Session will begin on Monday, September 17 and end on Friday, December 7.

Club Information and Descriptions (click here for info)

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Sign ups for the Fall Session of After School Activities will open on Monday, September 10 and close on Friday, September 14. If you wish to inquire about an activity or club, please contact Ms. Klaudia at for more information.





LEGO 2-8

Fun French ES 0- 2 (Foreign French)

Polish with fun 2-6

ES/MS Learn German with fun!

Ballet 0-2

Karate 9-12

Piano 2-12

Detective School Club 0-2

Soccer 2-5

ES/MS French Club for Native

Filmmaking Club 1-5

ES Arts & Crafts

Intermediate/Advanced Swimming 2-12

HS Basketball Boys CEESA

MS Knowledge Bowl CEESA

HS Knowledge Bowl CEESA


Story Time/Craft Time EY-G2

Cooking EY-1

ES “Read, chill and drink cacao”

Advanced Swimming 2-12

Guitar 2-12

Filmmaking Club 6-12

Student Magazine 3-8

MS HS Makers/Fixers

Maths and Logic Puzzles (3, 4, 5, 6)

ES Breakdance

MS/HS Yoga

MS Math Counts CEESA ( 6,7,8)

MS Basketball Boys CEESA


HS Soccer Boys CEESA

MS/HS Swimming CEESA

HS Speech and Debate CEESA


Beginner Swimming (age 4-7)

Pottery 0-5

Karate 1-8

Cooking 2-8

Detective School Club 3-6

Ballroom Dance 0-5

Piano 2-12

MS/HS Photography

ES Religion Club

MS/HS Cross Country CEESA


Homework French native Language Help ES 0-6

Video Game Programming 2-8

Hip-hop Dance 0-6

Tennis (1-8) off campus

Photography ES 0-5

Guitar 2-12

ES Choir 3-5

Religion Club MS

ES/MS Flamenco Dance & Spanish Club

MS/HS Pottery

ES/ MS Chess and Board-Games

MS Soccer Boys CEESA

HS Boys Soccer (off-campus)

HS Basketball Girls CEESA

MS Drama Club


Baseball EY-1

Ballet EY

Tennis 1-8 off campus

MS/HS American Flag Football

Jazz Dance 0-5

HS Choir

Alternating Days

HS/MS Polish Theatre Club


After School Activities Payments

Payments for the 2018 Fall Session are due by Monday, October 15, 2018.

Please click here for the ASA Payment Policy.