Please see the severe weather procedures below for information on how school cancellations, late starts and early releases are handled.

LATE START:  For situations in which it has snowed heavily during the night, but forecasts do not call for more snow, students should be dropped off at school at 10:00 am.Taxi service will still run on these days, picking up students in order to get them to school by 10:00 am.  Lessons will begin promptly at 10:14 so students should go directly to their period 3 classes. An SMS and email will be sent to all community members no later than 7:00 a.m. informing families of the late start.

FULL-DAY SCHOOL CANCELLATION:  For situations in which weather conditions are severe enough and there is no sign of improvement, school will be cancelled.  In these rare occasions, ISK community members will be notified by SMS and email by 7:00 a.m. and school will resume the following day or when road and weather conditions have improved.

EARLY DISMISSAL:  For cases in which it begins to snow heavily throughout the day and road conditions are becoming dangerous, there may be an early dismissal of school.  In this circumstance, members of the administration will consult, decide on the appropriate time to dismiss students, and contact families by SMS and email as soon as possible.

Shuttle Service:

We are aware of the fact that on days when school is not cancelled, but there is heavy snow or icy conditions, the road going up the hill to school can be a bit daunting. Therefore, we will offer a shuttle service free of charge from the bus stop on Jerzego Smoleńskiego street, just past the small lake.
From 8:20 – 8:40, the school taxi drivers will be available to meet parents at the bus stop on Jerzego Smoleńskiego street. Here is a link to google maps showing exactly where this is. Also, a picture of the stop itself is attached in case that helps.
Parents can drop their children there, where they will be supervised by a school administrator until the drivers will take them to the school.
Please note that this is a morning service only and will not be available after school.
On days when the shuttle will run, the school will send a text message to the community by 7:45 to inform them. If you have any questions about any of these procedures, please feel free to contact the ISK office.