Family Mentoring Program


In Summer 2016, ISK PTA launched a family mentoring program for all incoming families. New and veteran families were matched based on nationality, language, age(s) of children, address in Krakow, and a number of other factors. Many families arrive in Krakow in the summer, but it can be difficult to become comfortable with the city, arrange activities, and meet other children. We would like our newest ISK students to meet other students over the summer and to have familiar faces for Open House, the first days of school, and the Welcome Picnic.


The mentor family will reach out via email to provide introduction and to offer assistance as needed. Incoming parents will gain information regarding neighborhoods, transportation options, camps, etc. Veteran families will get the chance to meet new additions to our school community and possible new friends for their children. The families are notified by PTA to expect an email from an ISK family. The initial email from the PTA includes information regarding family friendly activities around Krakow.


We encourage our incoming families to join the PTA Facebook group. Please email PTA@ISKOnline.Org for additional details and suggestions.