What is a Room Parent?

A room parent is a mom or dad who provides support to their child’s teacher on an as-needed basis throughout the school year. In doing so, a room parent enriches the students’ school experiences by providing not only an extra set of hands, but also nice-to-have opportunities that might not be part of our children’s school experience without you.

This is a volunteer position coordinated by the ISK Parent-Teacher Association. There may be more than one room parent per class, so you may consider sharing the position with another parent. This is a good way to keep the tasks manageable and to make a great friend.


The tasks of a room parent vary depending on the grade and teacher s/he supports, but these are the most common:

  • Organize parties for the class.
  • Call/email class parents to gather information/volunteers/donations for class events or projects.
  • Coordinate volunteers for class field trips.
  • Oversee classroom “Gift Baskets” for ISK Summer Jamboree.
  • Assist teacher as requested.
  • Coordinate and communicate any special requests from the PTA.

A Room Parent should communicate often with the teacher, both to let him/her know what you’re working on and to see if the teacher needs help with anything.

How Much Time Is Involved?

You can expect to spend several hours per month on room parent activities. However, the time commitment is different for different grade levels. Room parents for the middle and high school usually receive fewer requests for help from their assigned teacher than room parents for the elementary school grades.

Room parents perform an important role at ISK. The children and teachers appreciate what you do and it’s fun. We encourage you to volunteer to be a room parent for your child’s class.

If you have questions about being a room parent or about finding a partner to share the position with, please contact the PTA at pta@iskonline.org.