ISK is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is representative of the school's stakeholders and is composed of nine voting members and additional nonvoting members. Parents make a vital contribution to the Board and the governance of the school, with five voting positions reserved for parent representatives. The School Director is an ex officio member of the Board. The Director is appointed by the Board to develop and oversee an annual operating budget, to hire staff, to lead the school in the development and implementation of the educational program and to supervise instruction and the general operation of the school. The Director is supported in this task by professional teaching and administrative staff. To contact the Board, please email

 Board meeting agendas and minutes:

Academic Year 2017-2018:

  • November 2017 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • October 2017 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • September 2017 - Board Minutes (PDF)

Academic Year 2016-2017:

  • June 2017 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • May 2017 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • April 2017 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • February 2017 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • January 2017 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • November 2016 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • October 2016 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • September 2016 - Board Minutes (PDF)

Academic Year 2015-2016:

  • September 2015 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • October 2015 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • November 2015 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • January 2016 - Board Minutes (PDF)
  • February 2016 - Board Minutes (PDF)
    • PTA Report (PDF)
  • March 2016 - Board Minutes (PDF)

Board of Trustees

Walter Braunohler, Board Chairman Magda Figas-Brzeska Allen Haberberg, Deputy Chair Goncalo Miranda Anna Malec Was Nancy Ives McElfresh Waclaw Sierek Chris Oulette Shelly Zia

Administration Representatives

Robert Sims, ISK Director Malgorzata Gonet-Mroczka, Admissions Director and Office Manager Piotr Buczkowicz, Business Officer Erik Lutley, Secondary School Principal Brett Elkei, Elementary School Principal Susan Mleczko, Early Years Coordinator

PTA Representative

Teacher Representatives:

Katarzyna Tymczak Kathryn Mark


Barbara Kotarba-Korta