Grade two students have been learning about being a good citizen and community member. They learned that good citizens help others in his/her community. They then decided that they would like to help out an organization in our community and decided it would be the orphanage in Kazimierz.

To raise money for the orphanage, they planned a read-a-thon. This event happened on October 6th. Before the read-a-thon, students went out to get pledges. They talked to family friends, parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, etc. and were able to get a ton of pledges for the read-a-thon. All students read for at least 95/100 minutes on the day and collected money over the weekend. Before going to the orphanage, they counted all the money students had raised, and their hard work and dedication for the cause exceeded expectations. They raised 5,710 zloty from the read-a-thon to donate to the orphanage. We are extremely impressed by the dedication and determination of the second graders and the generosity of our community!

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