Students in Grade 3B have been inquiring into: Life Cycles and Environmental Impacts on Organisms.  Students are utilizing the Inquiry Cycle to guide them through the learning process.  From tuning in, finding out, sorting out, going further, making connections, and to taking action are just some of the ways they are developing their knowledge.  

In an effort to bring the various investigations to “life”, we have set up a laboratory featuring a Butterfly House with fifteen chrysalis, a Bean Bag observatory to watch beans germinate, and we carefully gathered a variety of organisms from the school grounds to make individual biospheres that simulate earth.  We extended our learning via a field trip to a Butterfly House in November, we explored our neighboring forest to gather specimens and in January we’re visiting the Natural History Museum in the City Center to view living spiders and scorpions. 
Thanks to the support of Mr. Radek for securing the chrysalis, the microscopes and for sharing his knowhow.  What’s more we have secured specialists in the field and they are presenting on: Big cats from Africa, photosynthesis, and, of course, fluttering butterflies.
These units are far from over as more hands-on experiences are coming to showcase this fascinating world.





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