This weekend, Mrs. Panetta, Mrs. Lasota, and I successfully hosted a group of 45 visiting students and coaches for the Middle School Math Counts competition (Mrs Lasota and Mrs Panetta were awesome!)  The weekend was a real success from the standpoint of the competition going well and the kids seeming to enjoy themselves.  There are so many people that were involved in making the event happen – so thank you to everyone that lent a hand, including Mr Lutley for being of great help, teachers that were subbing and changing classrooms, teachers that were hosting students, and to Ms. Anna at the front desk and Maciek Kardas for their support.
This weekend Mr. Elkei and Mrs. Clark successfully led the High School Knowledge Bowl to Belgrade and returned home safely last night, and Mrs. Wadiak and Mr. Tucker coached the Middle School Choir team in Sofia and arrived safely last night as well.
The visiting coaches and students felt very welcomed and well-accommodated at ISK and gave a lot of positive feedback, so thanks again to everyone – no matter how big or small your role – in making such a positive and successful CEESA weekend!
Our next – and final – hosting event is HS Boys Basketball, March 8-11, so stay tuned for information about this.

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