ISK became an IB World School in April 2013, and we are proud that the full diploma students in our first two graduating classes had a 100% pass rate.  Our teachers have all received the most recent training, and play an integral part in curriculum revision for the subjects leading up to IB, so our students benefit from the best learning and teaching practices. Currently, we offer the following subjects.  Standard and higher level students share most of the same classes.  Generally there must be three people in order for a course to run, so not all subjects are necessarily offered every year. It is strongly recommended that students elect to study their native language.  All students must take English, all students must take at least one A language, and all students must take two languages in order to receive an IB diploma.


* Ab initio languages are only available if students have started a language in high school, and only if there are three students who all choose the same language.

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The following numbers are based on data from the DP Statistical Bulletins, 2015 and 2016. This information is released six months after an exam session, and is sometimes adjusted for previous years. Please refer to the IB Website for more information.

The full IB diploma is incredibly demanding, and is not for everybody.  Students who do not wish to pursue the full IB diploma, but still wish to challenge themselves, can elect some IB courses (for which they will complete all internal and external assessment requirements), and complete other courses at the ISK level (for which all assessment is internal).  ISK and IB students follow the same courses.  Theory of Knowledge and CAS are required for all students; the Extended Essay is required only for full diploma candidates. The International Baccalaureate Organization continually updates its website in order to provide easy-to-understand information for anybody interested in its programs.  Specifically, the following links might be useful:

Information on the IB Diploma Programme: