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THE MAD DEPARTMENT: Music, Art, and Drama at ISK

Welcome to a new School Year, packed with exciting events from the Arts Department!

We have some new members of the Department this year, and we warmly welcome Grace Hsu, our MS & HS Art teacher, and Jason Tucker, our Drama teacher. If you are new to our school, the other members of the Arts Team are Lauren Fonda (Art & Music), and Sarah Lyle-Wadiak (Music & Choir).

Your child will have the opportunity to be fully involved in Art, Music and Drama projects and allow their artistic talents to shine.

Here are some of the events we have planned for this year:


  • Here comes Halloween!  …. (a surprise is planned!)


  • ISTA (International Schools Theater Association) event in Dusseldorf for High School


  • Grade 9 Art/Drama performance
  • Drama Club performance
  • The Winter Holiday Performance, presented by g0-2


  • MS Choir goes to Sofia, Bulgaria, for the CEESA MS Choir Festival


  • Songquest, our school-wide talent contest begins, for all grades from g1. This will continue into April and May. Start practicing your favorite song!


  • ISTA London Festival for Middle School
  • The Spring Show, presented by g3-5


  • IB Art Exhibition
  • ISK Gala: ES students present their Art pieces for auction, & ISK musicians provide the evening’s entertainment
  • Songquest Round 2 – the whole school gathers to celebrate our vocal talent.
  • HS Choir goes to Warsaw, Poland, for the CEESA HS Choir Festival


  • Middle School Theatre Arts Production

We will find lots more performance opportunities throughout the year, at school assemblies, events and special occasions. Performance is important! It builds confidence, communication and presentation skills, and we hope you will join us in supporting and celebrating our students’ efforts.

After-School Clubs

We have Choirs after-school for grades 3-12 (ES, MS, HS).  This year we are also introducing the ISK Community Choir.  If you enjoy singing, please join us! We meet on Tuesday afternoons, 15.40 – 16.40.

Drama Club is back in style! We welcome grades 3-12 to laugh, play and perform.  If you would like to shine in the spotlight bring your talents to share in Drama Club.

We look forward to working with you!


Your ISK Arts Team

Grace Hsu – Art

Sarah Wadiak – Music

Lauren Fonda – Art & Music

Jason Tucker – Drama