At ISK we encourage open communication between students, teachers, parents and administration. Formally, we communicate student progress through mid-quarter and end of quarter report cards in Grades 0 – 12. Early Years progress reports are done twice a year at the end of quarters 2 and 4. In Early Years teachers regularly share newsletters and picture blogs to keep parents up to date on what is happening in the classrooms. In Elementary teachers communicate with parents in a variety of ways, including newsletters, blogs, and e-mail updates. In Secondary teachers communicate student progress through a student-management system called ThinkWave, a Google app that allows students and parents access to grades and comments on individual assignments. In addition, teachers may communicate directly with parents and students via e-mail, by phone, or in person.

Each student has an agenda, as well. In the Elementary, agendas allow written communication between teachers and parents to take place whenever necessary. The agendas also enable parents from the whole school to monitor homework, as students are expected to record assignments here.

Parent-teacher conferences for the whole school are held twice a year, though private appointments with homeroom teachers, subject teachers or the administration may be arranged at any time. In the fall, there are traditional parent-teacher conferences, where parents meet with teachers to discuss student progress. In the spring, there are Portfolio/Student-led Conferences, at which students showcase examples of their learning from throughout the year.

Our school administration communicates important information on upcoming events periodically via e-mail and website postings. In addition, Elementary and Secondary Principals also schedule regular coffee mornings for parents. These are informal gatherings designed to provide an opportunity for parents to get together and share ideas and challenges over a cup of coffee or tea.