25th Anniversary Book!

ISK is a Place…

By: 2018/2019 Grade 4

  1. ISK is a place with great teachers that care.

  2. ISK is a place where everyone is accepted.

  3. ISK is a place where you can learn about different cultures.

  4. ISK is a place where everybody is treated the same and people are not bullied.

  5. ISK is a place where we learn in creative ways.

  6. ISK is a place to develop your skills.

  7. ISK is a place where you feel safe.

  8.  ISK is a place where things are fair.

  9.  ISK is a place where learning is fun.

  10.  ISK is a place with just the right number of students.

  11.  ISK is a place where everybody learns, not just the kids.

  12.  ISK is a place that is cooperative and we stick together, like a family.

  13.  ISK is a place where you meet people with different ideas, from different cultures, and speak in different languages.

  14.  ISK is a place that learns from its mistakes.

  15.  ISK is a place that teaches students in an interesting and interactive way, like using math games.

  16.  ISK is a place where the teachers are nice to the kids.

  17.  ISK is a place that makes students happy and ready to learn.

  18.  ISK is a good place to learn English and other languages.

  19.  ISK is a good place to graduate from.

  20.  ISK is a place where no one gets left out.

  21.  ISK is a place that tells us about the world, not just the country we’re in.

  22.  ISK is a place where people are helpful.

  23.  ISK is a place to laugh and to smile.

  24.  ISK is the place where we’re happy.

  25.  ISK is our place.

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