It is truly my pleasure to welcome you
to the International School of Kraków.

ISK is a wonderfully warm community that embraces each and every family that joins us, ensuring that every student has access to a world class education with people who truly care for their personal wellbeing and development, and that every parent feels supported by a network of welcoming adults, exemplified by our incomparable Parent & Teacher Association.  

At the international School of Kraków, we believe that our students should be empowered to be creative and critical thinkers, encouraged to discover and pursue their individual passions and talents in a supportive and caring community.

Every day, teachers and students and teachers work together in active, collaborative, enquiry based learning experiences, drawing upon our diverse intercultural backgrounds.  Everything we do is intentionally designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which our students will need to find success as global citizens.

Embodying our mission to develop excellence in the intellectual and personal development of our students as tomorrow’s world citizens, we strive to create an emotionally safe, academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating environment promoting inquiry, problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking.  

We respect each student’s individuality and talents as well as his or her need to develop universally needed skills and the shared values of trust, respect, integrity, responsibility and a sincere concern for others.   With students from over 30 different countries from around the world and an experienced, dedicated faculty from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Poland, we have a wonderful opportunity to develop an appreciation for each other’s cultural differences while also embracing those fundamental things we all share.

Because, regardless of where they are coming from – or heading to – all of our students have the capacity and responsibility to contribute positively to an ever changing world.

Needless to say, we take great pride in belonging to ISK and I encourage you to browse our website and visit our school to see for yourself what a wonderful place the International School of Kraków will be for all of you.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Purpose statements

Our Mission

The International School of Kraków is dedicated to excellence in the intellectual and personal development of tomorrow’s world citizens.

Our Vision

Empowered together…

Our Philosophy

We aim to provide children with an academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating environment, and to promote the development of creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Instruction is geared to the individual needs of the student.

We seek to nurture a learning environment based on trust, respect, integrity, responsibility and concern for others.

Our international curriculum at once celebrates the rich and diverse backgrounds of our students and focuses on concepts common to us all.

Our Transfer Goals

Students who are achieving ISK’s mission demonstrate that they can:

  • Create ethical and sustainable solutions to problems and make positive contributions to their community by applying their skills and knowledge, evaluating information critically, and using technology responsibly.
  • Communicate ideas effectively for a variety of purposes and settings, in more than one language, using a range of media.
  • Collaborate empathetically and respectfully to achieve a common goal, valuing the diverse perspectives of the group.
  • Approach new situations with wisdom, have the courage to take risks, and persevere so that learning continues throughout life.

Our View of Intercultural Learning

ISK empowers learners through a cooperative learning environment which encourages understanding and respect of multiple cultural perspectives. Learners gain an appreciation of their roles as world citizens through enriching experiences and reflective practice.

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