On 24 February 2022, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

Since that time, millions of Ukrainians have fled the country, most of whom have come into or through Poland. Krakòw is a major hub of support and transit.

The International School of Kraków, is committed to providing as much support as it can.

The entire ISK community has been empowered together in support of the Ukrainian refugees. Our community has been collecting essential supplies, providing transportation, donating money, volunteering at refugee centers and opening their homes to families in need. The school is acting as a support node for these activities as well as offering scholarships to refugee students coming from our CEESA sister schools and other similar international schools in the Ukraine. All of these efforts are a proud example of everyone’s commitment to being responsible, caring global citizens.

We continue to evaluate local needs and update our list of centers we are supporting, trying to ensure our efforts are being directed to where they are most needed.

The current crisis is, without a doubt, bringing people together in support of the refugees from the Ukraine.  However, we must be prepared for these needs to continue even after the conflict has ended. Our ISK community continues to amaze us with their dedication and care, but all help and support is immensely appreciated.

So far ISK has received and redistributed $17974.00 and 2112,00 zł while hosting more than 160 refugees.

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