A diverse international community

Former US Consul General Walter Braunohler & Family

Our children absolutely loved their time at ISK during our 3-year diplomatic assignment to Krakow. Everything, from the talented teachers to the lush campus to the wonderful community, was more than we ever could have hoped for. Our kids still reminisce on their walks in the forest, and remain friends with so many of their classmates to this day. I can’t think of a better international school in Europe – it’s truly a gem.” Braunohler Family


Shipley Family

When our family began looking at the possibility of moving to Krakow my biggest concern was where my children would attend school. I briefly looked at a few other international schools, then found ISK and have never looked back. Not only has the school been a wonderful place for our children to learn, but it has also been a support network for our family and has provided us with a fun and supportive community.
Shipley Family One thing that makes ISK extra special is its diverse international community. Our differences are valued and celebrated at school, and this makes for a very enriched experience for students and families. It is amazing to me that kids come to this school from all over the world and are able to integrate and find success together. When they leave ISK they have a better understanding of their own identity and culture as well as a better perspective and respect for the wider world. I appreciate the approach at ISK to educate the whole child. I have confidence that my children are better able to meet academic expectations because they are learning in a supportive and safe environment where they feel connected and engaged. Kids are able to get outside and move
their bodies during PE, recess, or walks in the forest that surrounds the school. There are many opportunities for socializing and getting to know the community during ISK and PTA events, and after school when there are a variety of activities to choose from. Students can also join sports and academic teams and participate in competitions with international schools from other countries. Essentially ISK offers every opportunity for students to discover and develop their interests, build relationships, and succeed academically because they are learning in an environment that nurtures all their needs.

Throughout the pandemic ISK has maintained learning and community engagement. When schools were shut down, ISK did not miss a beat. My kids were given a chrome book and reported to virtual learning where they maintained the same schedule they attended on campus. They have met with their teachers for every class and have even been able to participate in music, art, and PE from home. The school and PTA have arranged for several online events as well. We have been grateful to be at a school that has been able to adapt quickly and continue supporting students and families during this epidemic

Gilgunn Family

As long-term expats, originally from the UK, we expected to send our 5 year old son to a British Curriculum school on our arrival in Krakow. However, we were blown away by the welcome we
received on our tour of ISK and the decision on which school to choose became very easy. The experience and knowledge of the ISK teachers was clear to see from the start – they were confident in having us observe their lessons and our son was quickly joining in with the class, after just a few minutes! Now 4 years later, as we prepare to leave Krakow, we are even more confident that we made the right decision. Our son has blossomed with the support and attention of his teachers – small class sizes, caring knowledgeable teachers and an involved, approachable senior leadership team have resulted in a confident, kind, inquisitive little boy. He has loved the outdoor environment at ISK, particularly the frequent trips to and lessons in the forest around the school. He has tried a range of after-school activities, including Pottery, Chess Club, Swimming & Climbing Club. As a family, we are also very grateful to the ISK Learning Support Team, who have been an invaluable help to both our son and to us, as we navigated some additional challenges. Gilgunn Family
I can’t talk about ISK without mentioning the wonderful community and the family-feel of this school… The teachers, staff, parents & PTA really feel like a team, all working together to make ISK the best place it can possibly be for the students and the whole community. PTA events, clubs and nights out provided a great opportunity for parents & families to get to know each other better and form friendships that will outlast our times together in Krakow. We are so happy that we chose ISK for our family.

Prepared me for my future.

The Ouellette Family

Transferring to ISK was the best decision we could have made for our young daughter. Her teachers have been long-term employees of ISK and have shown true passion for their chosen careers. We have been consistently impressed with the creativity and educational expertise displayed by ISK teachers as they plan curriculum. We love the fact that our daughter can stay on track with our home country’s standards while learning so much from children and teachers of other cultures. The school recognizes the importance of parent communication; providing weekly class newsletters, organizing principal coffee mornings, and hosting several parent-teacher conferences throughout the year.

Our daughter now has access to a wonderful library and a first class librarian. She enjoys daily gross motor activities; in the sports bubble, on the playground, in the bike area, in the vegetable garden, and even in the forest. As residents of the city center, we truly appreciate the value ISK places on outdoor curriculum. Each term, our daughter is offered a wide range of after-school activities; many taking place right on the ISK campus. These activities, taught in English, have played a large part in normalizing our child’s experience in Krakow. ISK recognizes the challenges met by ex-pat families as a whole; providing parent workshops, adult language lessons, and interest groups. For our family, ISK provided the missing piece of our puzzle here in beautiful Krakow.


The McDonald Family

We are beyond satisfied with our experiences at the International School Kraków. We first visited ISK in early 2012 prior to moving to Kraków and within 10 minutes we knew it was the right place for our children to be educated. There was such a friendly and warm atmosphere at the school and we knew that our young children (aged 4 and 7) would be in good hands! The faculty and staff continue to be incredibly engaged with our children’s education and well-being, and bring experiences from all over the world. The curriculum is strong and the spacious school grounds are just an added bonus – there is plenty of room for our kids to be active during PE and to play at recess, either in the large indoor gym or outside on the newly added sports field.
The school also makes use of the nearby forest during class-time. The transportation service to and from school is safe and completely reliable, with personable and caring drivers. The opportunity for activities and social engagement truly provides a family atmosphere across all aspects of the ISK community. We are fortunate to have such a valued school in Kraków, and could not be more thrilled with the opportunities it has provided for our family.


Asia Mroczka, ISK Graduate, Class 2017

I was a student at ISK for 13 years and during this time ISK felt like my second home. The friendly, helpful attitude of faculty and staff contributed to creating a close-knit community that cannot easily be found elsewhere. For example, I remember how teachers were always eager to help the students even during their spare time. Moving on to university, I realized that ISK has significantly prepared me for my future and placed me in an advantage situation compared to other students from different backgrounds. It not only helped me develop intellectually, but also shaped me personally. It made me more aware of my strengths and gave me confidence in my abilities.
Being part of a culturally diverse community in ISK also allowed me to adapt to international settings and increased my cultural awareness. Finally, the engaging classes and student-centered learning at ISK, developed my communication skills enabling me to easily fit in any environment or situation. Looking back at my time at ISK, I am glad I had a chance to be part of this international community and learn not only from teachers but also other students.

We would stay here forever

The Rouffet Family

Hello, my name is Chloe. I am 11 years old and I am in 6th grade at the International School of Krakow and this is my 5th year at the school. We are a French and Slovak family. I have 2 sisters, one of them is in Early Years, and the other is in Grade 0. I came at this school and I didn’t know any english. I learned english very quickly and understood after 2-3 months of school. I made a lot of friends coming from every different cultures in the world.

In this school there are many activities organized by school and the Parents Teachers Association/ PTA like: Halloween, Summer Jamboree, and the best ones are the CEESA trips. CEESA trips are when you take part in an activity and you go to a different International school in a different country to do competitions, tournaments, and many other activities. I got the opportunity to go to Sofia in Bulgaria in 2018 with the ISK Choir team. It was very fun and it will be a memory I will never forget. Me and my sisters loved this school so much that if we had the choice we would stay here forever.


The Emerick Family

School choice is a primary concern for our diplomatic family and the elementary program at ISK has exceeded our expectations. Our twin first-graders have received individualized attention, enrichment opportunities, and engaging after-school activities. Tracking to the U.S. Common Core standards is also important for our eventual return to the state-side school systems. We are more than pleased with our children’s learning results and we greatly enjoy being part of the welcoming and rich multi-cultural environment. We’d highly recommend the school to any English-speaking family.


The Piefer Family

We are so grateful that our family is a part of the ISK community. When we found that we would be relocating to Krakow, we were eager to find a school that would welcome our boys and help them stay current, in the curriculum that they would return to after our stay in Krakow. Not only were we welcomed, we felt so comfortable in the school and in the community. The teachers are accessible, helpful, and talented in their ability to teach to many levels and language needs.

Our boys are doing so well within their cultural diverse classroom of students, they love it! They are not only learning so much in the basic academic areas, they are also learning how to speak Polish (they love to correct my attempts) and are learning about the Polish culture. The boys are thrilled with their new friends and all the activities they get to do during school and after, which include the library, art class, PE class, dance class, wandering in the forest, riding the bikes after school, and seeing us at school participating ourselves in the different activities offered. The school environment is open and refreshing in their desire for parent involvement. The administration is both approachable and warm as well as very competent to deal with whatever may be thrown their way. ISK is the best fit for our family and we could not be happier with the choice we made.

Unique learning opportunities


The DiFazzio Family

The International School of Krakow (ISK) is without a doubt, the best international school in Krakow for our family. The school’s unique location gives students an advantage to enjoy fresh air while within a secure, large, outdoor playing area with beautiful forests nearby that are frequently explored during guided classes. The curriculum is under constant review and is continuously improving and evolving to keep current with the advances in education.

ISK holds an IB (International Baccalaureate) status, among many other accreditation, making it a leader when it comes to education. The staff is genuinely concerned about my daughter’s well-being and education, and the PTA is an active community offering many wonderful social and educational opportunities for parents such as English, Polish, cooking, and fitness classes. The overall atmosphere at the school is welcoming, positive and inspiring. We are happy with the progress that our daughter has made over the past five years.


The Jakimowicz Family

As parents of an eleventh grader we need to express our deepest conviction that we have found the best place for our daughter to grow both academically and personally. Firstly, we admire teachers who prove to be not only great educators but mentors as well. Secondly, ISK made us totally immerse in various school events that enrich our social life. We are so determined to give what is best to our children that now we are planning to enroll our younger daughter at ISK!


The Caruso Family

The instant we joined ISK, we were treated as family. The staff is composed of teachers with experiences from all over the world who are dedicated to inspiring children to be global learners. Our daughter looks forward to participating in all the activities she is exposed to, both during school and after school. I felt so inspired and welcome by the community at ISK, I could not pass up the chance to be part of the ISK teaching staff.

We are looking forward to next year when both our children will get to experience the unique learning opportunities at ISK.


A welcoming and warm atmosphere

The Ladd Family

We feel so fortunate that our kids were able to attend ISK. We treasure not only the education they received, but the entire experience provided by the school. I only wish we could have stayed another year. Luckily, we are still in contact with many teachers and students.


Lou Panetta, Middle School Science Teacher and Parent

As a teacher and also a parent of two children at ISK, I can honestly say that I’ve never enjoyed being in a school so much. It’s a joy to pass my children in the halls during the day and see how happy they are. All the children I teach seem genuinely happy, and it’s no wonder – the school is stimulating, full of bright colors, creative ideas and new experiences. It is surrounded by nature, but provides a safe and secure haven for the children to thrive in, while still being in touch with the world. The way that big and little people interact so comfortably throughout the school creates a nice community feel, and if “it takes a village to raise a child”, then I’m happy for my family to be part of this village.


Elena Mleczko, ISK Graduate, Class of 2008

As a student of the International School, where many cultures came together as one community, I felt privileged that I was able to learn about the other students and teachers’ cultures not only during class but also through school events. It was a special experience to be part of this multinational ‘team’.
I fondly remember the teachers at ISK and their openness to help out when students were in need whether it was during class or after class. Their eagerness to always help us out really helped to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.


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