Where we go when we leave ISK

We are very proud of our ISK graduates. Each ISK student forges their own path after High School graduation and our alumni can be found around the world studying in top Universities that align with their goals for future career paths.

IB DP Results

We value and gather as much data as possible to improve teaching practices and student learning outcomes. ISK performs above global averages in every measurable way while maintaining and inclusive policy of encouraging every student ot attempt the IBDP courses and program. Our greatest success is that 100% of our graduates over the past 5 years have taken at least one of the highly rigorous IBDP courses while also completing the requirements for the foundational Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) courses.

Historical IB Student Data



NWEA MAP - Measure of Academic Progress

We use NWEA MAP to test our students and their growth annually, as do the most reputable international schools worldwide. Looking at our comparative data, ISK performs above the average for not only the US, but also international and central European averages as well in both student performance and growth.

The numbers below are averaged for the all grades and compared with other regions. Read more about RIT here. The higher the number, the farther ahead our averaged scores are in comparison.



MAP Percentiles

The following are percentile charts in the three (3) areas tested by NWEA MAP. If a student is in the 50th percentile, it means they tested better than 50% of students all around the world in their grade.



Language Usage

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