The Challenge

The COVID-19 Pandemic has proven to be a global challenge; it has taught us that we must have clear plans in place for current and potential future outbreaks.  The situation remains uncertain, with the potential for varying degrees of freedom in regulations, therefore we have a spectrum of plans to ensure the continuity of our students’ learning. Learning Continuity Plans are guided by the following principles:

  • Protect the health and safety of our students, staff, and our community
  • Meet the guidelines set forth by the Polish authorities
  • Provide students with some familiarity of school routines for social/emotional/academic learning
  • Provide clear expectations for teachers and students during this emergency learning environment 
  • Continue to fulfill our Mission and Vision as much as possible during this emergency. 

Plans have been developed in connection to the regulations and recommendations being made by the Polish Ministries of Health and Education, the World Health Organization, shared-resources with CEESA schools, and information provided by the U.S. Embassy with the ultimate goal of meeting the needs of the majority of our students within the limitations that may be in place, while ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of our students, staff, and community. While we are using the best resources available, it is up to each family to weigh the risks and rewards in how they will participate in the learning paradigm being offered. 

The one certainty we do have is that we can count on the commitment, resilience and creativity of our staff, students and parents and that by working together in an environment of mutual trust and support our students will continue to learn and prepare for their futures.

Considering Traveling?

The school is maintaining a requirement for either 14 Day quarantine or 72 Hour Quarantine and a Negative COVID-19 swab test for anyone who has travelled or been in close contact with anyone travelling from a country that is on Poland’s most recent travel restriction list or from a country that is showing a 14 Day case rate of more than 60/100000 on the ECDC’s list or the ECDC List for Europe, which shows exact numbers.  Knowing that there are certain events that are considered high risk (Weddings, concerts, etc.) we would ask that you avoid these as much as possible and consider quarantine if you were unable to maintain your physical distance and/or use a mask while in attendance. Travel Restrictions & Notices

ECDC Situation Daily Update (EU)

ECDC Situation Daily Update (World)

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Winter Break

Winter Break!☃️

❄️20 December - 3 January❄️

We are enjoying the winter break and wish everyone a very happy holidays!

If you wish to contact the school, please use the numbers below:

Admissions & SAT: +48 608 600 873

Front desk: +48 608 010 647

Medical office: +48 608 012 625

Business office: +48 692 457 081

Guards: +48 608 787 065

Please check out the ISK COVID-19 Page

Stay Healthy!