home to our families

ISK is very much the center of things for our students, teachers and parents. Hosting multiple community events and activities, we want ensure that our doors are always open to our families so they can feel at home regardless of where they have come from.

point of our
richly connected
with the history
of our school
security fence
and cameras
Safety and Security
are of paramount importance
to us
our secondary school classrooms include both regular classrooms and Science labs and other specialty rooms
Our elementary classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards ... but they are also full of things to explore.

school is where you find friends for the rest of your life

how to apply
designed environments
where students are
empowered to learn
class sizes
which facilitate both
collaborative learning
and teacher support
room to play
our campus has a wealth of
outdoor space for our students
to play and be active each day

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Winter Break

Winter Break!☃️

❄️20 December - 3 January❄️

We are enjoying the winter break and wish everyone a very happy holidays!

If you wish to contact the school, please use the numbers below:

Admissions & SAT: +48 608 600 873

Front desk: +48 608 010 647

Medical office: +48 608 012 625

Business office: +48 692 457 081

Guards: +48 608 787 065

Please check out the ISK COVID-19 Page

Stay Healthy!