Elementary School

Elementary School is designed for our Grade 0 through 5 students.
It embraces the excitement and wonder of childhood, helping students develop the
fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes to help them succeed and be happy
as lifelong learners and global citizens in an ever changing world.

Helping children learn – academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically – is the real purpose of schools. And empowering them to take control of their learning is ensures it will continue throughout their lives.

What your children learn should respect the past but it must also prepare them for the world in which they are going to live. That’s why ISK focuses on academic and personal development, and the development of a global awareness.

Learning should be active and engaging, and, above all, meaningful to children. That’s why we’ve have designed an ever evolving 21st century curriculum which promotes brain-friendly learning in every area.

And learning should be fun!  Our students come to school excited to return each day and we love the feeling of joy and excitement they share.

Elementary School Student / Parent Handbook
Elementary School Program of Studies


What your children learn should respect the past but must also prepare them for the world in which they are going to live.

That’s why ISK focuses on academic and personal development, and the development of a global awareness. Empowering our children to learn–academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically–is the at the heart of everything we do.

Our international community and focus on intercultural learning ensures that they not only learn the basic curriculum, but that they also develop an appreciation for the diverse world in which we live.


Elementary School Student / Parent Handbook
Elementary School Program of Studies



Believing in the power of play as a part of the learning process,  Elementary classes have recess each day before lunch and in the afternoon before the final 2 periods of the day. The school has ample space for students to play, including an all weather sports field, playgrounds with equipment, and open, green areas in which to run and play.  Unstructured play of this kind helps them develop their creativity, interpersonal skills, leadership abilities and physical health.  Besides, it’s fun!

More information:

In Elementary School (grades 0 to 5), great emphasis is placed on the core subjects of Language Arts and Mathematics, which are scheduled every day.
In Language Arts, classes are taught via a combination of whole-class teaching and groups for spelling, reading fluency and comprehension, creative writing, and grammar, according to the level of the individual student.
Mathematics is also taught using a combination of whole-class and small group instruction according to the level of the individual student, with an emphasis on problem solving and mental math.
Science, Social Studies, Native and Foreign Language, Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama, ... we believe in the importance of developing the whole child and so we have a program designed to ensure a holistic education program which brings physical activity, the arts, Language, and special subjects together.
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Frequently Asked Questions

About ISK’s elementary school program

Do you have any questions?

    • chevron_rightWhat does the school day look like?

      Our school day runs from 8:30 until 3:30 for the main program, with after school activities carrying on until 4:40. The day is broken up into ten 40 minute periods with two recess breaks, snack and lunch breaks placed every two periods to ensure students have the chance to play and refocus.

    • chevron_rightWhat is the school's curriculum based on?

      ISK has developed its curriculum to ensure all of our students can find success, regardless of their background or next challenge. Our curriculum is based on the Common Core standards from the U.S. However we also take elements from the Canadian Physical and Health Education standards, National Language standards from France, Germany, and Poland, AERO Standards for our Social Studies curriculum, and Next Generation Science Standards. We approach each area from an inquiry based learning foundation and draw on the Readers and Writers Workshop model in Language arts.

    • chevron_rightWhere are the teachers from?

      Our students are fortunate in being able to learn guided by a highly qualified, caring, multicultural staff reflecting the composition of our student body as well. All of the Homeroom teachers in Elementary are Native English speakers from the U.S. and Canada with subject area teachers coming from Poland, Italy, the U.K., and France. Our assistant teachers are also exceptional as they are not only (at least) bilingual in English and Polish, they are also fully qualified with their teaching degrees.

    • chevron_rightWhat languages can my child learn?

      Believing in the value of languages in the development of our students as world citizens, ISK offers a range of both Native Language and Foreign Language courses. Students in grades 0 (KG) through 2 may have Native Polish or French or Foreign Polish. In grades 3 through 5, we offer Native Polish, Native French and Intercultural Polish Studies which combines Polish geography, history, culture and language. As well, students have an option of Foreign Spanish, French, and German. When we have enough interest, we will also offer Native German classes.

    • chevron_rightWhat is the campus like?

      We are fortunate to be located just south of Kraków in Lusina on a secure, gated campus. Surrounded by forests with large open areas on campus our students have ready access to nature and space to play. The classrooms are all designed to encourage our students to learn in cooperative groups with areas for class meetings, work in centers, and independent learning. We have an indoor gym (affectionately called "the Bubble"), a synthetic sports field. two playgrounds, a multipurpose room, including a food service area, for assemblies and our lunch hours, purpose built music and art rooms, and a library containing the second largest English book collection in Poland.

    • chevron_rightWhat kinds of support will my child have access to?

      We understand that students have different strengths and needs. Our Student Services team includes a Counselor, Learning Support specialists, a nurse, and English as an Additional Language (EAL) teachers. As well, all teachers actively support their students through differentiation in the classroom and support outside of the classroom when needed within the Response to Intervention (RTI) model.

    • chevron_rightWhat other services does the school offer?

      For families that wish, the school recommends both a Mini-Van transportation service and a restaurant service used regularly by our community. The transportation runs door-to-door routes in the morning and at the end of both the regular day and activities. Our restaurant service is run by "Must Eat for Kids" and ordering is done on-line and served in the cafeteria. We also have a nurse on site full time, and a pediatrician who comes once a week to offer free service to our community.

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    The International School of Krakòw, and the entire ISK community are committed to helping in every way we can in supporting the Ukrainian Refugees who have been displaced from their homes.

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