Putin's Regime Attacks Ukraine

On 24 February, 2022 the President of the Russian Federation authorized ‘a special military operation’ against Ukraine. This began in the early hours of Thursday morning under the premise of eliminating, what he calls ‘a serious threat’, and aiming to demilitarize our European neighbor (source).

The people of Ukraine have since been terrorized by relentless attacks from land, air and sea. More than a million refugees have crossed into Poland–many into the Kraków area.

What is ISK doing?

Our community immediately jumped to help; current and former families as well as staff have given our homes, time, money, food, bedding, diapers, toys, batteries, and so much more.

We need:

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Links to charity organizations:

Website / Resource Description
https://ukrainesupport.net/pl/ accommodations, transportation
https://icanhelp.host/ accommodations
https://humandoc.pl/ guide for those supporting refugees
Info for refugees (English) information in English for refugees
Info for refugees (Ukrainian) information in Ukrainian for refugees
Info for refugees (Russian) information in Russian for refugees
Stuff for kids to do in Kraków fun opportunities for Ukrainian kids
Ukrainian Resources in Krakow information about resources for Ukrainians in Krakow

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