Purim and Holi

This week our students from Early Years C had wonderful occasions to explore different cultures!

On Wednesday, March 20th, they celebrated Hebrew Halloween — Purim. The traditions of Purim are dressing up in costumes and sending packages of food to one’s neighbours (mishloach manot) and gifts to the poor (matanot la’evyonim). These traditions add a social service element to the celebration: although the importance of a good party is acknowledged, responsibility to others is also recognized.

On the following day, March 21st, we celebrated Holi, an ancient Hindu festival of spring, also known as a festival of colours or festival of love. Both celebrations were filled with joy, traditional treats and, of course, colours!

Thank you, parents, for sharing your beautiful cultures with us!

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Join us for a week of fun!



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Join us for a week of fun!

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